Paul Ryan, mostly.

14 Aug

So, I intended to post today about the Fox News comment on how Paul Ryan was “Reagan reincarnated.” But then I became lazy and decided that I wasn’t actually all too interested in comparing the two, because in all honesty the only one I care about is the one relevant to today. That is Paul Ryan, and regardless of how he compares to Reagan, I don’t like his policies. Not one bit. Because I prefer talking social issues, I’m only going to discuss those, and avoid the fiscal ones (for now).

On abortion, he is firmly pro-life. So pro-life he cosponsored the Sanctity of Human Life Act, a congressional bill proposed in 2009, repurposed in January 2011. This act would define life as beginning at conception. Now, the supporters of this act have said it doesn’t outright ban abortions, but gives states legal authority to do so. Now this confuses me, because either they are a) Saying a fertilized egg is a person (thus legally saying a fertilized egg being aborted would be murdering a person), or b) Not saying a fertilized egg that has been aborted had been murdered (thus making the egg not a person). To me, the only logical conclusion I reach is that it bans abortion. And doesn’t contain any exceptions for rape or incest victims. In fact, I think it would leave rape or incest victims open to being sued by their rapists to not abort their rape produced fetus, because said fetus is legally protected by federal law. And in addition, because of this bill, in-vitro fertilization (that requires fertilization of many eggs, but then only uses some and freezes or discards the rest) would also, in my viewing of it, be illegal. And, like most personhood bills, could also result in banning the most common forms of birth control. So basically, Paul Ryan = banning all abortion, IVF, and the Pill.

Sticking with women’s health now. Paul Ryan supported defunding planned parenthood. Which to me basically means he wants to defund a helpful service that, while it does provide abortions at some locations, also provides helpful contraceptive information, important preventative services (HIV and STD testing, pelvic exams, pap smears, etc.), and important assistance with pregnancies (adoption referrals, pregnancy testing, help receiving prenatal care).

Now for the issue most near and dear to my heart, which is that of us LGBTQ’s. Ryan has voted against same-sex couples adopting, so he doesn’t support my right to have the kind of family I want to have, which is awesome (not). He also (shocker) is not a supporter of same-sex marriage. On the plus side, he did vote yes on the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act. Which is great and all, but if he wants to protect my right to not get fired for being the human being that I was born, then shouldn’t he also want to protect my ability to love who I want to love and express that how I see fit, like any other couple in love would? So bad for women, bad for gays. Let’s continue.

On guns, he has received an “A” rating from the NRA. Which is not promising. He voted down an act that would increase the background check hours from 24 to 72. What, may I ask, is so bad about asking people to wait an extra two days to get a gun, if it helps prevent mistakes that lead people who shouldn’t have guns from getting them.

Last but not least, immigration. Voted against DREAM act. He supports treating the problem (i.e.. protecting the border. Preventing more children from being brought here) rather than the symptom of said problem (children being brought here at super young ages at no fault of their own). So, as opposed to, oh I don’t know, fixing the so called problem while also trying to mend the secondary problems the initial one created, he’s just going to say fuck you to all the illegal immigrants who were brought here between some month after their birth to age 16. Which basically means they had no choice in coming here. He’ll just send them back to a country that, for all intents and purposes, has never been their home country, because they are the “symptom” and not the “problem.” Strike four, Mr. Ryan.

In other news, among other books, I read Hope Solo’s memoir today. Super interesting, and definitely gave me a different perspective on her and the controversy that surrounds her.

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